Weavers of Freeorder

Weavers of freeorder are pattern seers, connection makers, thinkers, artists,
entrepreneurs who work for all who discover that their home is Open Network.

Open Network names a freeorder comprised of and arising from
all aspects of the world
in which an explorer of sovereign spirit may rejoice.

It is very old.
No one invented it.

Freeorder is a balance among designed and spontaneous orders conducive to quest.

Quest is an aesthetics governed pattern of explorations
in course of which resonance grows.

Resonance is the expectation of magic.

Magic is emergent,
an awareness arising from a fusing through present action
of intensity, sensitivity, integrity, and wonder.

Such capabilities of human beings are the reason why
Open Network came into being,
why it continues to exist,
and why it is inextinguishable.

Leif Smith, March 8, 2000

Pattern Research
PO Box 9100
Denver, Colorado 80209, USA

leif@pattern.com, http://www.pattern.com
303.778.0880, fax: 303.722.2680

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