The Liberty Americas Foundation, Tucson, Arizona

This is a letter from Ricardo Valenzuela, of Tucson, Arizona, and Hermosillo, Sonora, introducing the Free Latin America Foundation. Since the date of the letter the name has been changed to The Liberty Americas Foundation. If you have interest in this, please contact me.

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Written by Ricardo Valenzuela, The Free Latin America Foundation

To: Friends of freedom
From: The Free Latin American Foundation
Tucson, Arizona
21 October 1997

Practically at the threshold of the hallway that should lead us to the last years of this century, to the end of the millennium, the world is still witnessing what could be the most dramatic transformation in history, changes are happening throughout our planet having a common denominator: THE SEARCH FOR FREEDOM. Political, economic, commercial and individual freedom with responsibility.

This soon to expire century has been known by, precisely that, the most flagrant assault against freedom, the creation and development of a series of totalitarian, oppressive and antidemocratic regimes that for decades kept their people attacked, offended, aggravated. Other traditionally free countries, since the 30's depression, experienced a state take over that supposedly would solve all their problems through taxes, controls, rules and regulations, "wealth redistribution". However, at the end of the century, those regimes have been falling one by one. Communism and its derivations like socialism, fascism, centralism, collectivism, statism, etc., are at this point in time remembered as the biggest aberration of the 20th century. For the first time in Latin America, the continent has democratic governments, with the sole exception of Cuba, so far.

Since the early 80's, Latin America started a dramatic process of transformation towards that direction, the search of freedom; Chile, Argentina, and Mexico took the leadership upon this historic opportunity, and during the last years of the 80's through the early 90's, gave the world a lesson in how to restructure their economies, modernize them, open them to international trade, lower taxes, enter into the democracy game. The effects of such campaigns brought transformations never seen before, and affected the rest of the continent.

Nevertheless, towards the mid 90's, collectivists who had been hiding in their dark caves, started coming out starting a very aggressive counterattack with the intention of regaining lost space. An interesting fact is that those campaigns had a more clear and defined success in developed countries like the U.S., England, Canada, France or in the regression of countries from the former Soviet Union, than in countries of Latin America, where the only step behind, to a certain degree, happened in Mexico, since it is well known that after Colosio's murder, and Salinas exile almost three years ago, the hard liners have emerged as the most serious challengers in the political arena, fighting in all areas, using all tactics and all weapons to achieve their goals, absolute power, the kind of power that ruins everything.

We as apostles of freedom, free markets, and liberalism in the original meaning, have started a special effort to promote our libertarian ideas in a more formal, organized, and especially democratic and open way, creating a forum where all free thinkers could express their ideas, opinions, points of view, where citizens that had not found their space in the political and social process of our continent, had an additional choice, the choice of freedom, and self-direction, the choice of independence.

Over a year ago, we started the required paperwork, with the Internal Revenue Service, in order to solicit the approval for our non-profit organization Free Latin American Foundation, with the purpose of creating a scenario where our supporters could make monetary contributions and receive the appropriate fiscal benefits, creating an attractive tax shelter for our contributors, helping us at the same time to promote and advance our ideas in the fight for freedom and free markets in Mexico and Latin America.

Yesterday, October the 20, 1997, we were notified by the IRS, of the approval of our request, crowning our efforts and opening a door which is interesting, effective and powerful to push our ideas forward. The IRS has not only approved our request, but also congratulated us for the effort and work, extending their support for the well being of our organization. Liberty and free market organizations in the U.S. and worldwide have also shown their support, therefore at this time we can count on financial support of considerable importance for the creation and growth of our center of ideas.

Several important people have been invited to participate as members of our board of Directors and contributors, like Mr. David Ogilvie from Phoenix, Arizona, Tim Jackson from Tucson, Arizona, Guatimoc Iberry from Hermosillo, Sonora, Adolfo Clouthier from Culiacan, Sinaloa, Federico Diaz Gallego from Mexicali, BC, Cesar Cordova from Mexicali, BC, Leif Smith from Denver, Col, and Lirain Urriztieta from Tucson, Az, and Caracas, Venezuela.

In the following weeks we will inform you of our short term plans, we are considering among those plans, organizing, in conjunction with the University of Arizona, a symposium about economic problems in Mexico, with the participation of distinguished panelists like Pedro Azpe (ITAM), Arthur Laffer (Laffer-Canto & Associates), Paul Craig Roberts(The Institute of Political Economy), Steve Hanke (John Hopkins University), Peter Boetke (The New York University), Luis Pazos (CEISLE), etc. Where the past, present, and future of our Mexico will be analyzed as we approach the XXI century. The real effects of free markets policies will be analyzed, as well as the campaigns to destroy and underscore them. We will review what devaluations have really done in our countries, the advance of the old hard-liners in the political scenario etc., etc.

We want to extend our invitation to all friends of freedom and democracy, friends of exploited people by the establishment, the enemies of injustice and misery, to join our civil and civilized effort, in order to promote changes by participating in this war of ideas, in the battle field of ideology, with the weapons of Madero the leader of the Mexican Revolution: the word, righteous, and the truth.

We are extremely excited and satisfied about the latest events, and we want to let our friends, assistants, supporters, and contributors know about our vision and our dream. We also want to affirm our commitment with all Latin-Americans to propel the ideas of freedom, democracy, justice, free markets, free trade, and ethics in politics, so we could witness a continent entering the next century and millennium that is free , just, and wealthier for all peoples in all our countries. A continent that has an efficient, honest, and tight public administration. A continent that makes us proud of being Latin-Americans.