Training Schedule for Pat Wagner: updated 14 April 2011

For the last five years, I have been conducting more, varied, distance learning programs, and fewer live, on-the-ground, face-to-face classes. Because I choose to travel less, my travel schedule fills up faster. Right now, I am booked up through June of 2011, and am limiting my 2011 travel schedule to one out-of-state trip per week, with priority given to in state programs.

I encourage potential clients to consider what can be accomplished via video, teleconference, webinar, asynchronous courses (instructional design), and using technology to augment live classes before and after the presentations. I am happy to discuss the relative advantages and cost savings.

In addition, I am interested in helping clients make online learning environments more engaging and effective, to encourage distance learning, and to help participants feel more confident and competent when using virtual classrooms.

May 2010

May 5-7 Harrisburg, PA

May 14 Minneapolis, MN

May 20 Alexandria, VA

May 26 Omaha, NE

June 2010

Jun 23-27 New Orleans, LA

July 2010

Jul 27-28 Oklahoma City, OK

Aug 2010

Aug 11-12 El Paso, TX