Pat Wagner's 2011 Workshop Information
updated 14 April 2011

Scheduled classes and workshops

First - A complete list of all dates and locations. This is handy if you need to quickly review which dates have already been reserved.

Complete list of all dates and locations, including travel dates

Travel Reminder - Please remember to allow ample time for travel between locations. Many of our programs are in smaller communities without direct air service to and from Denver, so we prefer arriving the day before, in case of weather or airline problems. We will always do our best to keep fares low, by using reliable discount airlines, combining trips, donating available frequent flier miles, and including Saturday night stayovers, when possible.

Pat Wagner

What does Pattern Research, Inc. offer? - Our programs in management and workplace behavior are not all that different from those of other workplace trainers who are influenced by cognitive and behavioral science. And, our emphasis on personal responsibility and ethical practice is shared by most of the people who provide programs for workplaces. So, what is special about our programs?

Visiting Denver and Colorado for conferences : If you are coming to our fair state for a conference or workshop, please note that the altitude, dryness, and intense sunlight can affect you in ways the tourist brochures sometimes fail to explain thoroughly. Here are some tips to make it more likely that you will have a wonderful time in our beautiful mountain and plains environment.

Just a flipchart, please: Logistics for our workshops? A room, bright and clean and quiet. Good acoustics or a sound system that works without static or distortion. At least one flipchart or whiteboard for presenting ideas, with fresh poster markers that work without harsh fumes. Lighting that allows everyone to see the speaker, the other participants and the flip chart or whiteboard. Fresh air. Comfortable and clean chairs. Clean tables for writing. Paper and pens for note-taking. Space to move chairs and tables, to reconfigure the room and to create areas for small group discussion. Plenty of water. A sideboard with coffee, tea, juice and healthy snacks (well, at least some healthy snacks). No computers, overheads, opaque projecters or slide projecters are necessary. This is all we need to conduct a training program.. Contact Pat Wagner at

Role playing?: If your audience wants to physically try out behaviors in classes that address conflict management, communication, customer service, etc., we will need 30 minutes per person. For example, if you have ten people scheduled for a class, this would require five hours of "face" time, not including breaks, to conduct the class. Otherwise, we will not have enough time to observe each participant one-on-one during the class to determine how well they are doing.

When to Videotape - The issue of when it is acceptable to videotape or audiotape our programs comes up in our work frequently. Pattern Research, Inc., does not restrict taping our programs for copyright reasons. However, we do feel that a presentation to a live audience has different requirements from those of a taped presentation and that the presence of cameras and tape recorders can seriously inhibit the free flow of information. For that reason, unless it is a short lecture with little audience participation or a subject that does not invite uncomfortable revelations from participants, we prefer that programs not be taped. We are happy to fit a taping session into our schedule to create a audiotape or videotape for the use of the customer. We can discuss several options with you. There is no extra charge for this service, unless it requires staying an extra day.

For the complete 2010-2011 schedule, please refer to the schedule of available and reserved dates. - updated 14Apr2011