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Tools for Explorers
Consider us your personal think tank.

PATTERN RESEARCH, Inc. offers research, consulting and training for innovators in the private, public and nonprofit sectors. We have provided "Tools for Explorers" since 1975.

TO CONNECT with us, call, write, or e-mail. Office hours are 8 am to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, and from 9 am until noon on Saturdays, Mountain Time.

Leif Smith: leif at
Pat Wagner: pat at

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Pat Wagner

Pat Wagner has worked with Pattern Research, Inc. and its predecessor the Office for Open Network since 1977. She is an educator, trainer, writer and consultant, focusing on personnel, management, leadership, marketing, career and strategic planning issues. She has special interests in conflict management, project management, community outreach and future studies.

Most of her current clients work with and for libraries of all kinds, plus library boards, foundations, Friends groups, and national, state and regional library organizations. Pat also works for innovators in universities, schools, nonprofits, local government and professional, business and trade organizations, as well as medical, scientific and research institutions.

Pat had a checkered past in the performing, visual and literary arts as a poet, graphic designer, publisher, writer, radio talk show host and printer She has a liberal arts degree with an emphasis in print communication and performance.

Leif Smith

Leif founded the Office for Open Network, an information and idea exchange, in 1975. It laid the groundwork for Pattern Research, Inc.. He also founded and manages Smiths Exchange, which provides research and consulting services. Most recently, he founded the Explorers Foundation,, a nonprofit organization.

Leif scouts for new technologies and opportunities and connects clients with potential workplace partners.

Leif Smith's pages

Tim Sullard
Operations Manager

Tim has been the man behind the scenes at Pattern Research, Inc. for eight years. Currently, he is charged with technical support for Pattern Research's new technology initiatives, specifically created a virtual version of our work, through webinars, social media, virtual classrooms, and other audio and video products. Tim has over fifteen years' experience in the music business from implementing recording technology to analyzing and evolving web-based enterprises.

The Networking Game

The Networking Game (1980, booklet)

The Networking Game (web edition, 24k) is a concise guide to the five rules of networking, written by Leif Smith and Pat Wagner. We invite you to download your own free copy.

Pat's Programs

She designs and presents good-humored and practical workplace programs on personnel, management and leadership. She uses her background in the performing and literary arts to create programs that are both entertaining and insightful. First, she listens to the concerns of her customers. Then she seeks out the best ideas about human behavior and workplace performance. Next, she synthesizes models that are easy to understand and apply. Then, she designs the program in partnership with her customers. Finally, she presents in partnership with her audience.

OTHER services include developing and presenting for-credit CE classes, developing and presenting live video and web-based seminars and taped videos, producing audiotape-based training, coaching individuals, and consulting to workplaces. She can come crosstown for an hour or hit the road for a week visiting agencies around a state or region.

Pat's clients like the personal service, the good-humored approach to training and education, the innovative mix of new and old ideas, and Pat's willingness to work with them to create programs that reflect the needs of their audience. Participants like her programs because they are both entertain and offer specific, practical skills and strategies that can be applied immediately to real problems.

Ask yourself what measurable result you hope to achieve.
The answer to that question is the heart of designing a program with value.

The Pattern Research Leadership Model

IN 1992, Pat and Leif developed an interactive leadership education model that has served many professions and vocations. Pat has facilitated this model for librarians, teachers, community and nonprofit organization leaders, artists and arts administrators, college administrators, lawyers, military personnel, parents and federal employees. She has also participated in other leadership institutes as a featured speaker or presenter.

THIS MODEL allows active participation and encourages members of the class to think and act outside of self-imposed constraints. The materials and exercises can be shared by participants within their own institutions. Think of this program as a portable feast.

2010 Leadership Update: Our leadership programs focus on risk, influence, vision and ethics. Risk includes executive decision-making and governance: a series of exercises to help leaders and managers understand how to make the hardest choices. Influence at the leadership level is about politics, particularly in the context of larger institutions and the greater community. Vision focuses on the better future for the people your enterprise serves: how to anticipate changes in demographics, culture and technology. And ethics, which is about the study of morality, reminds participants to use both the head and the heart to do the right thing: a course in character.

The clock is ticking on the mass retirement of millions of 50+ workers, including experienced managers and leaders. Leadership training is urgently needed to help employees at all levels deal with the new demands of evolving workplaces. More clients want to fasttrack the development of practical leadership skills inhouse.

Adult education and educational workplaces

EDUCATIONAL ISSUES that Pat has addressed include training for adult educators, conflict management for school and parent groups, communication skills for faculties and staff, stress management for new public school teachers, planning for societal and technological change, leadership, lifelong learning, community education and building support networks for schools and other institutions.

2010 Education Update: Does distance learning work? Which software packages work best? What about workplaces without high-speed access to web seminars? We are continuing to test new technologies to ensure that budget and location will not limit our usefulness to clients only with money and bandwidth.

Libraries, Library Associations, and Institutions with Libraries
(An update of current and recent library programs)

85% of the programs Pat currently conducts are with libraries and library organizations such as state and national associations and state libraries, as well as host institutions such as universities. She has worked with the library community in 47 states, from Alaska to Florida.

Please click on the update above for details about our onlinelibrary-related programs.

Government Workplaces

FROM STATE budget cuts to the privatization of federal employees, there are special challenges for those working in tax-supported institutions. Public sector concerns that Pat has dealt with range from budgeting skills for managers in public colleges and libraries to building short term mission statements for federal agencies, in addition to governance training, strategic planning, conflict management, leadership and supervisory skills, problem-solving, and ongoing workplace education. She has worked with local government special districts, municipal governments, state agencies and many federal institutions.

Nonprofit Workplaces

PAT HAS SERVED as a founding executive director, board member, staff member, volunteer and consultant for nonprofits in Vermont, Wisconsin, and Colorado. She has special experience in education, the arts, humane service such as animal shelters, community and neighborhood development, religion (regardless of denomination), health and wellness, social services, science, education and collaboration in the nonprofit sector.

In the library world, she has worked with Friends organizations in conjunction with their relationships with library foundations and boards.

PROGRAMS HAVE included marketing, budgeting, staff development, fundraising, board training, volunteer management, meeting planning, crisis management, leadership skills and how to manage the legal and ethical closure of a nonprofit.

Medical and Health-related Workplaces

PAT GREW UP in a medical family and knows firsthand the importance of good communications skills in this specialized workplace. She has been asked to address everything from the personnel issues of a private practice to management skills in a large teaching hospital, from rural community health initiatives to the impact of technology on health care, from the issues of doctors and nurses to the concerns of support staff. She has also worked with practitioners of both mainstream and alternative healing disciplines on marketing and customer relations. Much of her work in recent years has been with nursing home, home health care and hospice staff.

Businesses, Trade Conferences, and Technical Associations

PRIVATE SECTOR clients tend to ask for programs on economics, strategic planning and customer service. Pat enjoys working with marketplace issues such as marketing, innovation and the application of classic liberal principles to everything from employee compensation to building community alliances. She has presented programs for many of the largest corporations in Colorado. Also, she enjoys working with inventors, artists, engineers, scientists, lawyers, craftspeople, computer experts, retailers, manufacturers, service professionals and those creating services and products in smaller markets.

IF PATTERN RESEARCH, Inc., is not the right solution, we will suggest other resources. There is no charge for referrals or phone/e-mail consultation.

Topics: Winter 2010-2011


Until we post meaningful, concise and useful descriptions of these topics to this web site, please e-mail, write or call us with your requests for more information.

The creation of an effective program is a collaboration. You tell us:

We provide:

Because we like to interact with audiences even during keynotes, we hope you allow your participants to have input in the process, both during and before the program.

Educational programs do not magically change the behavior of most participants. In addition to the programs, we can meet with the leadership and managers in your organization to help them understand that a workplace environment that both supports the individual and holds everyone accountable for his or her own behavior will help ensure that the good information in a training program "sticks."


What if you don't require training? What if you want to implement better behavior and management and want some help with the next step? What if your board needs to create a mission statement or discuss a difficult issue? We can meet with groups or individuals for coaching and for facilitating strategic planning, decision-making and conflict management sessions. We have worked with nonprofit boards, elected and appointed public officials, professional and trade associations, citizen groups and political organizations, as well as business boards, unions, staff committees and collaborative decision-making teams.

One of our more popular services is called Falling Between the Cracks. Perhaps your workplace has been too busy lately for effective staff meetings–the kind where problems actually are solved. Perhaps you are entering a period of growth and change–a new building, a merger, new automation, implementing a new strategic plan, new alliances, a budget crisis or an ongoing personnel problem is getting worse, fast. Otherwise good communicators are overwhelmed; issues small and large fall between the cracks. We start with a little education about governance and problem-solving and then help the group discuss, decide and execute. The goal is to clean up old business and put some simple and effective decision-making models in place. The group gets to practice on real issues so as to increase and sustain their own good decision-making abilities.

The issues don't have to be big ones, but they can be important to participants:

Conflict Management and Communication Topics

Our conflict management programs are educational, not adversarial. They are based on the idea that it is possible to learn how to create workplaces where the goals are improving productivity, making it easy for other people to say "yes, and eliciting the best from other people. Most participants are surprised at how much they laugh, and how much they learn. We use simple and elegant models drawn from many fields of human knowledge. They emphasize important behavioral goals in the workplace, such as personal responsibility and accountability, rapport and leadership, and objective, measurable information and mission. We do not conduct personality or psychological tests.

Lifelong Education and Career Development Topics

Many people still think they are working in the 19th century, when the education, training and experience they would have acquired in their early twenties could be sufficient to last a lifetime. These programs address many current career issues, including rapid change, lifelong learning, career switching and returning to school.

Entrepreneurship and Marketplace Economics Topics

This programs are popular with workplaces in all three sectors: private, public, and nonprofit. They deal mostly with different aspects of marketing, including research, customer service, advertising, and the organization of small organizations, as well as practical politics.

Management and Leadership Topics

These are "big picture" topics that are popular with those in management and leadership roles or those who want to become managers and leaders some day. If your organization can not provide time for the multi-week version of our Leadership Institute, some of these programs might be useful.

System Thinking Topics

Programs on system thinking focus on how actions in the workplace are connected. They use models from history and technology to provide new insights into how to address issues of cultural change and technological upheaval.

Community Cornerstones and Network Building Topics

Our business started as a network generator, creating useful relationships where information and ideas are exchanged. These are very interactive programs, suitable for opening and closing large conferences, as well as building rapport among friends, strangers, and coworkers at community meetings, on boards of directors, and among team members at work.

Written Communication Topics

Even "grammar-phobic" participants enjoy these user-friendly programs on improving written materials. The emphasis is on writing and graphics that are clear and effective, produced within small budgets and tight deadlines.

Theatre in the Workplace Topics

Performance training and experience will improve your ability to influence behavior in the workplace, whether you are a leader, educator, salesperson, or manager. Participants have used the information in these programs to improve classroom performance, win customers, and even influence elections!

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