Virtual Programs and Client History

Here is a current list with brief descriptions and web sites of programs with library training partners, followed by a brief history of library-related workshops.

Although I still travel and conduct live programs, I also am interested in what I can do for you and your library online, including webinars, classes with active participation, live teleconferences and integrated programs using a combination of live and virtual interactions. Virtual programs can improve interaction and provide the means for engaging more employees at times that are convenient to their schedule. Happy to talk about the pros and cons of different software and web solutions, social media, delivery methods, and philosophies regarding self-paced versus facilitated.

LLAMA/ALA: Ongoing live and recorded face-to-face and virtual programs

Contact Pat for more information about current programs: pat at

Pattern Research, Inc. free webinars and audiodownloads

Free archived webinars and mp3 downloads are available at the Pattern Research, Inc., blog at:

Let us know if you would like to be on mailing list for live programs.

Pattern Research, Inc. social media contacts

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Colorado Library Consortium (CLiC)

These recent, free webinars are archived on the site of the Colorado Library Consortium.

SirsiDynix Institute

The SirsiDynix Institute offers seven of my past programs archived, which all can be viewed (and in some cases heard) anytime for free at

Here are the topics with their original broadcast dates. You can also hear some of the most recent programs as podcasts. They are archived at iTunes.


California libraries can book three of my workshops through the Infopeople project:

The training materials for all three can be downloaded in .doc, .pdf and .ppt formats. These workshops can also be booked live onsite for your California library.

Lifelong Education @ Desktop (LE@D)

Since the summer of 2007 I have been collaborating with the Lifelong Education @ Desktop (LE@D) program, a continuing education community service of the University of North Texas. Now, my clients will have access to my material before, during, after and even instead of my live workshops. We plan to transform more of my programs in the coming months into “anytime, anywhere, everywhere” web-based classes.

Eight of my workshops are immediately available.

In addition to providing content for classes as a subject matter expert, I also support marketing efforts as the library relations associate, which includes recruiting . I am pleased to be able to spread the word about LE@D. The LE@D team provides inexpensive, appealing and effective online education for library and school leadership, managers and staff, as well as professionals and associates in business, rehabilitation and volunteer management.

Why did I join the LE@D team?

Hope to see you online soon.

Recent History of National Library Programs

Snapshots of state, province and chapter programs

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