Leif Smith - email: leif at pattern.com

Pat Wagner and I own and run Pattern Research, Inc., in Denver, Colorado. The concepts of freeorder and open network have been important in the evolution of our work. In 1975 I started the Office for Open Network in Denver as a general store for explorers of all kinds. Pat joined me in 1978. In 1982 the Office for Open Network became part of our company, Pattern Research, Inc.

Freeorder is a balance among designed and spontaneous orders which is conducive to quest.

Open Network names a freeorder comprised of and arising from all aspects of the world in which an explorer of sovereign spirit may rejoice. It is a process and spontaneous order, it is not an organization, it can neither be owned nor controlled, and no one invented it. It is the result of human action but not of human design. It is ancient, and it serves us better than we know.

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