Socrates' Way: Seven Master Keys to Using Your Mind to the Utmost,
by Ronald Gross, Tarcher/Putnam, October 2002.

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Ron is a long-time friend of Pattern Research who was profiled by Pat in The Bloomsbury Review, September, l992, in a cover-story titled "Taking Control of Our Own Learning." His book Peak Learning is the most widely-used handbook for lifelong learners and non-traditional college students.

For the past decade Ron has been appearing as Socrates, challenging people to think more, think better, and think together. Socrates' appearances have been featured in major media including The Denver Post, New York Times, and on ABC-TV News. Now, Ron has brought Socrates back to life in a book championing the life of self-awareness, self-direction, and self-fulfillment.

"Socrates doesn’t just teach us what he thinks," Ron says. "He empowers us to bring forth our own best thoughts and ideas."

Socrates Way, with a foreword by Michael Gelb, author of the best-selling How to Think Like Leonardo, calls on us to:

The book invites us into the golden age of 5th century Athens, as we watch Socrates wield his famed Method in the marketplace, accompany him to a boisterous drinking party, and hear him deliver his famed Apology at his Trial.

Applying Socrates’ lessons to our own time, the book decries lying in our public and private lives, brain-washing by the media, the frenzied pursuit of possessions, and the neglect of reflection and dialogue.

But Socrates isn't a just a high-end scold. He also liberates us to live joyously, and die well. He enjoins us to nurture our souls, experience Eureka!, and dialogue together.

Socrates’ Way brims with challenging exercises and thinking strategies, and includes ways to join or launch your own Socrates’ Café.

More information is available on Ron’s website,